Second reunion June 12~15, 2003
Brown County, Ohio

Following is from the letter by Beverly Rutledge sent to known Genoway(s) in February 2003.

The group in attendance at the first annual Genoway(s) family meeting, held in Peoria, Illinois in 2001 selected both the date and place for this gathering. We selected Brown County because that is where Joseph Marie Genoways brought his family as early as 1811. Many of your ancestors may have been born there. Both the Brown County Historical Society and the Brown County Genealogical Society are anxiously awaiting our arrival. The Ursulines Sisters are excited about our being there as well. Many of you will want to arrive in time to do some "sleuthing" in the library and courthouse... All of us are eligible to become "First Families" of Brown County.

We have been invited to use the old Springer House on Chatwick College/Ursulines Sisters' Convent Grounds for our "meeting place". We will convene there formally on Saturday morning June 14th at 10:00am. This is where the Old Pioneers' Cemetery is where we suspect that at least Joseph M. is buried. It is quite a bramble of trees and vines and bushes at this point, so forget you Sunday-go-to-meetin' shoes and get your clod-hoppers out. Our goal is always to have fun together and to broaden our knowledge and understanding of this family and the role they played in our family history. We are a wonderful assortment of characters - each with a great story to tell and we look forward to hearing YOURS!

Pictures will be posted when received.

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